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Created in 2015, the Toulouse Wind Orchestra is a wind band already recognized in the musical landscape of Toulouse, in France and internationally. Ranked third at the Kerkrade World Music Competition in Holland in 2017 with a first prize in the concert division, the orchestra has given since its creation a dozen high-level concerts, accompanied by talented soloists, and offered to a conquered audience of varied programs adapted to a heterogeneous audience.

The TWO offers a different perspective on the wind orchestra, also called in France “harmony orchestra”, trying to draw this type of ensemble towards excellence, both by the quality of concerts and visual (posters, illustrations), recordings or videos. Composed mainly of musicians from the Conservatoire de Toulouse, the orchestra has in its ranks only professional musicians, or in the process of professionalization, who participate voluntarily in the project.

In addition to the desire to discover original pieces of the repertoire, some played little because of their difficulty or heavy instrumentation, others rarely highlighting solo instruments such as horn, trombone, bassoon or oboe, the TWO adds also to his programs arrangements of symphonic works, such as West Side Story, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, or Rhapsody in blue. The videos of these pieces have also met with great success on the web, and have been seen around the world. Finally, and with the aim of continuing the development of wind ensembles, the TWO is also turning to creation, with the recent commission of two new works to young French composers, Gabriel Philippot and Maxime Aulio.

The works played :

Bert Appermont – Symphonie n°2 “the Golden Age” (2016). Alexander Arutiunian – Concerto pour trompette (2017). Maxime Aulio – Libertalia (2017).  James Barnes – Symphonic Overture (2015 et 2017). Leonard Bernstein – Danses symphoniques de West Side Story (2016, 2017). Ferrer Ferran – Sinfonia n°4 “El Coloso” (2017) ; Pinocchio (2017). Paul Dukas, l’apprenti sorcier (2017). Georges Gerswhin – Rhapsody in blue (2015). Reinhold Glière, concerto pour cor (2017). Launy Grondahl – Concerto pour trombone (2016). Arturo Marquez – Danzon n°2 (2017). Johan de Meij –  Symphonie n°2 “the Big Apple” (2015). Henri Tomasi – Fanfares liturgiques (2018) ; Concerto pour basson (2018). Allen Vizzutti – American Jazz suite (2017). Bernd Alois Zimmerman – Musique pour les soupers du roi Ubu (2018).

They played with us :

Conductor : Marc Ursule, Dylan Corlay, Maxime Aulio, Alexandre Jung

Assistant-conductor : Cyril Devaux, Mikael Celma, Julien Ursule

Soloist : Nathanael Gouin (piano – 2015), Jonathan Reith (trombone – 2016 ), Marco Pierobon (trompette, IT – 2017), Hélène Escriva (euphonium – 2017), Felix Dervaux (horn – 2017), Sophie Dartigalongue (bassoon – 2018)

Clarinet : Camille Artichaut, Stéphane Bacou, Pascal Bazillou, Brice Bonnin, Sonia Bohrani, Bastien Boué, Valérie Boutet, Antoine Cambruzzi, Elsa Centurelli, Joë Christophe, Démis Delatie, Nicolas Dupeyron, Ghislain Fourcassa, Kévin Galy, Lola Lacomme, Aude Lartisien, Romain Millaud, Benjamin Miro, Fortunato Nebbia, Guillaume Paes, François Pascal, Gaël Pautric, Arianna Pizzi, Matthieu Stombe, Emilie Taverne

Oboe : Angélique Darrieumerlou, Agnès Demeulenaere, Augustin Gorisse, Louis Seguin, Thimotée Vendeville

Bassoon : Grace Andrianjatovo, Antoine Berquet, Thaïs Bordes, Virgine Bretagne, Benjamin El Arbi, Louise Lapierre, Pierre Lidar

Flute : Jean-Elie Eftekhari, Juliette Jolain, Hélène Maigné, Marina Marque-Bouaret, Fernando Uehara, Noémie Van Aerschodt, Julien Vern

Saxophone : Matthieu Allemandou, Eva Barthas, Thomas Barthélémy, Maxime Bazerque, Vincent Duro, Cyril Galy, William Hountondji, Eric Lenormand, Yves Moreu, Hugo Schmitt, Etienne Vaillend

Horn : Corentin Billet, Pauline Chacon, Alexis Crouzil, Felix Dervaux, Pierre Escriva, Benjamin Imbaud, Nicolas Josa, François Lugue, Alexandre Fauroux, Andréas Font, David Moulié, Mickaël Ourliac, Samuel Pearce

Euphoniums : Marc André, Marius Bergeon, Tom Caudelle, Hélène Escriva, Morgane Gaillac, Armand Izard, Damien Galy

Trombone : Christophe Allaux, Joel Castaingts, François Chapuis, Aymeric Fournes, Yann Hostier, Olivier Lachurie, Hugo Liquière, Charlie Maussion, Thomas Mercat, Jonathan Reith, Juliette Tricoire, Valentin Perez

Trumpet : Hugo Blacher, Arthur Escriva, Maxime Faix, Benjamin Fernandez, Nicolas Gardel, Camille Jarrety, Laurent Jammes, Thomas Lallemand, Guilhem Leblanc, Julien Rieffel, Damien Saint-Marc, Fabien Versavel

Percussions : Xavier Bluhm, Sylvain Calmon, Matthieu Chardon, Mathieu Daubos, Lorry Delatie, Marion Fretigny, Sebastien Gisbert, Tom Goemare, Aurélien Hadyniak, Guillaume Itier, Nicolas Lamothe, Lucas Mazeres, Laurence Meisterlin, Clément Mélis, Jasper Mertens, Emilien Prodhomme, Geoffrey Saint-Leger, Florent Tisseyre, Mikael Torren

Cello : Sophie Castellat, Divna Delmas, Aude Dubois, Juliette Eftekhari, Alexandre Fougeroux, Lucile Gambini, Louise Grévin, Bastien Mercier, Delphine Morel, Gael Seydoux, Lucie O’Connell, Wilfredo Perez Alvarez, Pablo Tognan, Eugénie Ursch

Double Bass : Jean-Baptiste Azanza, Tarik Bahous, Florent Barnaud, Jean-Baptiste Dupret, Leïla Gomez, Nathanaël Korinman, Simon Terrisse, Damien-Loup Vergne

Piano : Edouard Bertrand, Marie-Laure Dupont, Audrey Laurens

Harp : Gala Daragon, Jehanne Drai, Rebecca Feron

Banjo / Guitare / Mandoline : Gregory Morello, Flavien Soyer